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HTML Counter

On most websites, you have seen a counter section. It tells the users how well the business is going on. This section contains the number of interests, visit, likes, and many more things and shows to the visitors. This counter increases as the interest and visit of the user increases.

Mostly, this counter section is added at the bottom of the webpage (in the footer). It contains the growth details of the website that how good or bad your business is growing on. This counter increases as the growth of the business increases. You have seen the HTML counter as shown below at the footer of websites most of the time.
HTML Counter

Using HTML, you can create the frontend for this counter and use JavaScript to dynamically fetch and count the visitors in real-time. We will predict the website data on behalf of the user and visitor.

In this chapter, we will divide the counter creation process in two sections. In the first section, we will work on simple counter designing and, in another section, we will work on CSS designing of the counter. You will see different examples in this chapter.
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