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What is Javascript ?

As a Web Developer, or those of you who are just learning JavaScript programming, you must meet and be friends with the same thing as Javascript . What is JavaScript? Come on, let’s get acquainted with this programming language and start your journey of learning JavaScript programming! ~ So What… Read More »What is Javascript ?

Learn HTML5 (Cheat Sheet)

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For those who have never learned HTML5, this latest version might be quite confusing. Moreover, there are many new tags that you may not recognize. For this reason, below we provide a “cheat sheet” which contains a list of tags and their meanings. Happy listening! Document Outline <!DOCTYPE>… Read More »Learn HTML5 (Cheat Sheet)

History of HTML

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HTML was first developed by Tim Berners-Lee from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in 1990. This markup language or HTML was created by a hardware and software sales company, namely IBM or International Business Machines. Around the 1980s, IBM created a language that combined tags… Read More »History of HTML

CSS counter

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Kegunaan CSS counter Counter CSS pada dasarnya adalah variable yang digunakan untuk penomoran, dan nilai dari counter bisa ditambahkan dengan aturan css. Counter membiarkan Anda menyesuaikan tampilan konten berdasarkan penempatannya dalam dokumen. Penomoran otomatis dengan counter Counter css seperti variable. Nilai-nilai variabel dapat bertambah dengan aturan css (yang… Read More »CSS counter