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What is Javascript ?

As a Web Developer, or those of you who are just learning JavaScript programming, you must meet and be friends with the same thing as Javascript . What is JavaScript? Come on, let’s get acquainted with this programming language and start your journey of learning JavaScript programming! ~

So What the fuck Is Javascript?

Simply put, Javascript is a programming language that can make the internet work. In more detail, Javascript is a lightweight programming language, dynamic in nature, and can be directed to oriented programming or functional programming.


Javascript is usually used to make changes to the appearance of websites, such as when clicking buttons, determining layouts , giving dynamic effects or funny and interesting animations. For those who are experts, the use of Javascript can be used to make advanced games plus 2D and 3D animations, as well as applications related to databases, you know~ Javascript is known as a programming language that is quite complex, but also very flexible. Many programmers have provided tools that stand on the Javascript core that you can use to learn programming languages, some of which are:

  • Application Programming Interfaces ( APIs ) are built into web browsers so you can do anything from dynamic HTML documents to CSS sets you’ve created.
  • Third-party APIs provide access for programmers to connect their applications to websites or other applications, such as Facebook and Twitter. Have you ever logged into Soundcloud using a Facebook account? Well, here’s one example of a third party.
  • Third-party frameworks and libraries can be embedded in HTML, allowing programmers to quickly build websites or create applications.

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