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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Javascript Programming Language

Are there any advantages and disadvantages of Javascript? Of course there is, please ~ some of the advantages are:

1. Speed ​​and Simplicity

Javascript tends to be very fast because it runs directly in the browser. Also, most major browsers support JIT (Just In Time) compilation, which means there is no need to compile the code before running it. Javascript is also relatively easy to learn, especially for beginners, compared to other programming languages ​​such as C++.

2. Javascript Is Very Flexible!

Unlike other programming languages, Javascript can be embedded in any web page. Javascript can be used in many types of applications because of support in other languages, such as Pearl and PHP.

3. Rich Features and Extensive Functions

Javascript can be used to create various features such as drag and drop components, all of which can be useful for enhancing the appearance ( interface ) and experience of using the web. In addition, programmers can also extend the functionality of web pages by writing JavaScript snippets for third-party add-ons , such as Greasemonkey.

The advantages are already… It’s not enough if we don’t discuss the disadvantages too, right?~

1. Security for Users

Because JavaScript is executed on the client (web user) side, bugs and oversights can sometimes be exploited for unsavory purposes. Because of this, some people choose to disable JavaScript completely.

2. Browser Support

While server -side scripts always produce the same output , sometimes some browsers interpret the JavaScript code differently. Even though now the differences are minimal, you don’t need to worry too much about the difference in the output from using Javascript in the main browser .

Additional notes: Javascript ≠ Java
Not an advantage or disadvantage, but a reminder for you that Javascript is different from Java. Even though they have similar names, this is the only resemblance between them.
Both Java and Javascript are assembled, written and executed in different ways. However, each of them has an important role in terms of its abilities. The difference between Java and Javascript can be seen in the following table

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