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Learn HTML5 (Cheat Sheet)

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For those who have never learned HTML5, this latest version might be quite confusing. Moreover, there are many new tags that you may not recognize. For this reason, below we provide a “cheat sheet” which contains a list of tags and their meanings. Happy listening!

Document Outline
<!DOCTYPE>HTML version
<html>HTML document
<head>Page metadata placeholder
<body>Page content
<!– –>Write comments in the code
Page Information
<base>Base URL
<link>Linking pages with outside sources
<style>Display an element
<script>Holds a script
Document Structure
<div>Page sections
<span>Specifies the color of a text
<br>Line Break
<hr>Horizontal line to mark the boundary of a section
<a href =””>Page links
<a href =”mailto”>Link email
<a href =”name”>Anchor
<a href =”#name”>Links to anchors
Text Markup
<strong>Make text bold
<em>Italicize text
<blockquote>Quotations from outside sources
<q>Short quote
<abbr>Abbreviation (Prof., Dr.)
<acronym>Abbreviations (HTML, JS)
<pre>Preformatted text
<cite>Make text italic to mention the title of a work
<of>Outline text
<ins>Underline text
<sub>Subscript text
<sup>Superscript text
<bdo>Text direction (left-right or vice versa)
<ol>Ordered list
<ul>Unordered list
<li>Items a list
<dl>List of terms and their definitions
<dt>Defined terms
<dd>Definition of terms
<fieldset>Unify multiple form fields in one category
<legend>Gives a title to a <fieldset>
<label>Create a checkbox-shaped list of options
<input>Create form fields
<select>Create drop-down lists
<optgroup>Makes bold text used to classify items in a drop-down box
<option>Creates items in a drop-down list
<textarea>Create form fields with unlimited capacity
<caption>Gives a title to a table
<thead>Table headers
<tbody>Table bodies
<tfoot>Table footers
<colgroup>Categorize one or more table columns
<col>Specifies the color of a column
<tr>Table row
<th>Cell header
<td>normal cell
<map>Images with clickable sections
<area>Clickable image section
<object>Multimedia objects embedded on the page
<param>Parameters to control multimedia objects

HTML5 is an improvement over the previous version. HTML5 brings a variety of new features that meet the various needs of today’s websites. Among these are support for video and audio content, the ability to run JavaScript in the browser, and the ease with which you can create web applications.

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